Our daughter decided she wanted a friend to take pictures of her wedding. Now I do respect desire and effort, but this really was the time to hire a proven professional photographer instead. I had her compare pictures from her friend with the portfolios of a couple of Charlotte wedding photographers who stood out. The choice was obvious. Then she wanted me to tell her friend that we were hiring another photographer instead. That was a bit awkward until we actually sat down to talk. It turns out that the friend only had agreed to do it because she thought our daughter could not afford to have a real photographer do it. That was a relief to all of us.

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The Premiere of the show Extra Terrestrials was held today at the Music Academy.

The show began with a performance by the Golden Power- the two men Sandor Vlah and Gyula Takacs who were painted in gold displayed an amazing combination of strength, skill and art by effortlessly performing hand balancing acts and taking on each other’s weight.

The audience was still recovering from the wonderful feats performed by them, when Wolfgang Bientzle the German Wheel Acrobat, came up with an awesome performance on the wheel to exclamations of ‘wow’ in the audience.

Erik Ivarsson’s antics on the unicycle left the audience speechless with amazement, while Jerome Murat a mime, illusionist and ventriloquist captivated the audience with his act. Watching him was like watching a magic performance- should be watched to be believed.

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In rock n’ roll history there have been many bands whose moniker and names were shortened and universally recognized by abbreviated lettered names. Let’s explore some popular initial nicknames of bands.

Creedence Clearwater Revival (also known as CCR) began churning out classic rock n’ roll singles shortly after the John Fogerty led band formed in 1967. With their swamp-rock sound and style, the group amassed seventeen top 40 hits like Bad Moon Rising, Green River, and the wedding band staple Proud Mary. The group disbanded in 1972 and any hopes of a CCR reunion were quashed with the death of band member Tom Fogerty in 1990.

Another 60’s band that had huge commercial success was Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, also known as CSN &Y. Band members David Crosby (formally of the Byrds), Graham Nash (of Hollies fame), Stephen Stills and Neil Young (both with Buffalo Springfield), blended their flawless harmonies into a long and successful career. With hits such as the Nash led Teach Your Children, Neil Young’s antiwar protest song Ohio and a Joni Mitchell composition Woodstock about the legendary rock festival, CSN &Y blended their unique acoustic-folk and progressive hard rock sound to be a classic example of the 1960’s psychedelic era. Additionally, after Young left the group, Crosby, Stills and Nash (also known as CSN) continued to release melodic pop/rock songs with 1977’s Just A Song Before I Go and Wasted On The Way, which was released in 1982. The group still tours, occasionally joined by Young.

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Art has been around forever. Surf art has been around forever too. There are caves with drawings depicting surfing. I’ve been fortunate to have spent the majority of my adult life with an artist. She coming from a family of artists has always promoted the idea that anyone can do art. Me not being an artist, although i jokingly attempt it from time to time, find it hard to except this truth. Nonetheless it is true, art can be created by anyone regardless of talent, experience, skill and as in my case how laughable it might looked when finished.

My wife grew up on the beach and continues to live at the beach. Surfing is a huge part of her happiness in life. Combining her talent as an artist and surfing is obvious and she has developed her style and continues to evolve it. Her work is amazing regardless, but fortunately she has found success with her art being sold to private collectors, surfing and snowboarding companies, and other businesses.

I’ve been able to witness all of this from the third party. Looking in from the outside I’ve seen so many different artist doing surf art. Some are original and different, others combine ideas taken from other people, and still others copy out right. It really doesn’t matter in the end. Once art is created and put out into the world there is nothing that can be done but to move on. A true artist will always strive to be original.

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With the rising cost of gasoline being what it is, more and more people are trying to find better ways to stay at home and save money by getting the most out of their home entertainment options. When you add the high cost of transportation along with the expenses of dinner for two can easily run $30-50 per meal, and a night out at the movies costs the same, then it doesnt take long before you see that you can convert those lost dollars into increased opportunity for staying at home and getting more bang for your entertainment buck.

Granted that staying at home for dinner and movies means that you have to prepare the food, serve yourself, and clean up afterwards, but when you consider how much more comfortable youll be on your own couch watching a movie as opposed to being packed in with a bunch of strangers, then the benefits are well worth it to have a satellite TV home entertainment system that can deliver all the effects of what you can find in a theater.

When you consider the $30-50 expense for going to a theater for a single movie, then paying a few dollars more for a whole month full of TV shows, sports, and movies doesnt seem bad at all. Right now you can select a couple different Dish TV packages that cost under $40 per month for the first year on their latest deal, with channel offering that go well over 260 channels in all. The 2 packages that Dish recently lowered even more than what they were running for on the previous specials are the Americas Top 200 and the Americas Top 250. The Top 200 is popular with sports fans since it comes standard with additional local sports networks, and the Top 250 is a favorite with movie lovers since it automatically includes Encore and the Movie Channel.

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The new year is always flooded with resolutions, goals and hope for a more productive year, physically, personally and professionally. Almost always at the top of the list for many people is instituting some sort of weight management or weight loss system. one way to make those hopes a reality is to gather reliable information that will help you stay on track throughout the year. It doesn’t matter if you’re getting healthy tips from reading a fitness
book or an online article like this one, just as long as you’re doing something. The worst thing that you can ever do is quit on yourself this year.

But how can you stay on task for an entire year when you’re so busy with kids, school, career and the occasional vacation. Well, here’s two exercises that will help make your new year’s resolutions a reality. It requires only a pair of resistance band, and takes less than 15-minutes to complete eack workout. The workouts are short, but they are highly effective against fat.

Workout guidelines:

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